Fake High School Diplomas and Fake GED

You are the only one that will know that you are holding a fake high school diploma or transcript. You can pick any of our many authentic looking United States high school certificate template designs for all 50 States and Canada and provinces. All of our seals are raised.

Our Fake High School Diplomas and fake GED certificates start from as low as £199

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We are really good at what we do.

College and University Diplomas and Transcript Packages

Now you can Buy fake college and university diplomas and transcripts made from templates that are based on the actual design of the real diplomas and transcripts. They are an actual match of the original school design. We can also work from images that you supply and create a design that looks like what you submit.

We use real embossed seals, raised gold seals and emblems, color logos, and proper holograms where appropriate.

You can order a proof so you can see what you are going to get before we dispatch it.

Our Fake Diplomas and Fake Transcripts start at only £599.

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Diplomas from your Images

Diplomas, Transcripts, and Packages made from your Images

So you have a friend with a diploma that you want to us make for you?  or you found a clear image on the Google that you would like us to replicate?  well, send us your images and we will recreate your diploma or transcript based on your images. Not just a simple cut and paste. We will make you a very realistic fake diploma or transcript based on your images.

Not all images are the same so please send us whatever photos and scans you have so we can give you a quote.

Diploma replicas start at £599, transcript reproductions start at £699.

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Fake Certificates

GCE, GCSE, IELTS, ESOL, TESOL, IELTS, Personal Training, Home School, and more!

We can make novelty certificates in many disciplines from numerous institutions and associations from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, and all over the world. Our bogus certificates look just like the real certificates only they are phony and pretend certificates but only you will know that they are fake.

You can get one of our bogus, make-believe imitation certificates today and impress your nosy neighbors starting at £599

Samples of Fake Certificates

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A replica diploma that is detectable is totally worthless regardless of how little you paid for it unless it’s intended to be a joke.

It takes talented people that we have to pay and expensive equipment that we have to buy, maintain and replace as necessary.

We make movie prop diplomas and transcripts for your movie set.

We have all the advanced equipment and expertise needed to do the most complex work. Our state of the art equipment allows us to make complex embossed seals with any logo design, and even custom holograms, micro-text, and other security features.

We have been in business for many years and we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Please read our Feedback section.

If what you are looking for is a perfect reproduction for lawful use, then look through our website and order whatever you need from us.

Novelty Transcripts

Our databases have the standard subject and course data for Bachelor degrees, Masters degrees and Doctorates (Ph.D.) to populate transcripts.

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When you buy a fake diploma from us you get the best diploma replica that money can buy. We also offer fake GCSE certificates and superior fake degrees to fit your needs.

Our novelty certificates, replica degrees, and replica degree certificates are not just simple fake diplomas, they are fine works of art to be contemplated and admired for the beauty of their simplicity that screams veracity to the audience.

You can not buy the original degree but you can buy a replica degree that is a true replica college diploma.

We also sell replica GCSE certificates. You can get a fake GCSE from us in less than two weeks.

We make fine replica diplomas that look perfectly real.

What is a High-End diploma replica? what is it for?

A High-End Fake Diploma Replica is a copy of a ready degree that has to stand up to scrutiny for a few seconds such as in a movie scene. It will pass as a real degree during a scene and has all the qualities of a real degree and will pass for real anytime.

Is a High-End novelty degree diploma expensive?

Depending on what type of a degree it is that you are getting and the type of security it has on it, a fake degree that has to have all that would not be cheap to make.

Top quality replicas may cost as much as a cheap second-hand car in some cases and a little more in others. We try to keep our costs reasonable even if at times we have to absorb some of the cost.

Always remember, that a cheap fake degree that is easily detectable is worthless regardless of how low a price you may have paid for it. 

Can I buy a novelty degree legally?

There are many legal uses for a replica diploma/fake degree.

1- Replacement for an original degree diploma or a novelty degree so long as it is destined for lawful use.

2-Lawful use, you can buy a Bachelor degree, you can but a Masters degree, you can buy a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) or you can buy a GCSE certificate. We can make practically anything so long as it is destined for lawful use.

3- Fake degrees and fake diplomas or certificates are legal so long as they are not used to break the law.

4- Novelty degrees are replicas of real degrees issued by a university (university certificates) for the purpose of self-esteem or decoration.

5- To replace a lost or destroyed degree.

Can I buy a High-End Fake GCE or Fake GCSE? 

We can make practically anything, however, most people associate little value to a GCE or a GCSE certificate and don’t think a High-End Fake GCE/GCSE is worth paying for, so we do not usually make these at the highest level.

This page is designed to be read in conjunction with our Fake Bachelor Degrees (movie props) page

The image you see below shows the detail of the micro-text that goes in some of the transcripts. It can be the name of the university or it can have some other message in the text. If you look carefully, you will also see the faint mark made by the embossing seal. This is another security feature that is hard to falsify by mere photocopying.

Fake Transcripts Micro-Text
Fake Transcripts Micro-Text

We can make you a perfect replica Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts or we can use one of our highly detailed templates

Fake Degrees and Fake High School Diplomas
Fake Degrees and Fake High School Diplomas

We can replace an old lost or destroyed document by making you a new one that looks the same age and has the same feel as the old certificate.

Below is an image of an embossed seal as used in many degree diplomas and transcripts. Almost all degree diplomas have an embossed seal of some kind, and consequently, most of our replicas exhibit such regal looking symbols of authenticity..

Fake Degrees Fake High School Diplomas Seal Detail
Fake Degrees Fake High School Diplomas Seal Detail

The image below shows an example of the graphics quality you can expect from one of our replicas.

The seal below is crisp and clear.

Fake Degrees Fake High School Diplomas Color Seal Detail
Fake Degrees Fake High School Diplomas Color Seal Detail

We have access to thousands of original degree templates that can be customized to your needs.

One more thing… You save money when you order a degree and transcript package as opposed to ordering the two items separately.

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