These are the return and cancellation terms and conditions.

All orders and sales are final. What we are offering is a service, a bespoke item made just for you so no returns are accepted for any reason and no refunds will be given.

In the case of a full custom project, if what you want is what you say you want (and you provide us all the information we request and need to do the work) then you should be pleased with the artwork we create since it will be what you ordered.

In the case of lower level replicas of existing artwork, as provided by the client or projects where corners have to be cut in order to meet your budget, there may be simplifications in the design in order to reduce costs. In such cases, we (at our discretion) may offer up to 50% of the cost of the lower level work as in-house credit towards a higher level replica or design and you may, at our discretion,  get to keep both artworks.

Custom projects are made to order using information provided by the client and is nonrefundable.  Once a custom project has been started, it can not be canceled for any reason after it has been commissioned for any reason whatsoever. No returns for refund will be made.

If the artwork we create and send to you should suffer any damaged in transit or there is a defect (which is very rare) we ask that you return the artwork to us for examination and possible replacement.