In recent years we have had a lot of call for replacement degrees going to the Middle East from people that have lost their originals and it would take too long to get replacements. These replicas have to be particularly detailed and usually require aging to represent their age.

The DL-310 (Level 3 replica) is the most accurate and expensive replica that we offer. It usually exceeds the budget of the common man but is reasonably priced considering the amount of work and talent that has to go into it. For this type of work, we would use our sources to obtain an original for the year in question and create the dies for any embossing seals needed to make the replica as real as possible. The paper would be matched to the original, and even the paper size would be measured are replicated. Aging is always recommended for these high-end replicas.

For this type of work, we suggest that you order Level 3 replicas (the DL-310 in our catalog) and the client should be prepared to show proof that the degree was earned legitimately in the form of affidavits from colleagues, bank statements for any fees, etc, in case their qualifications are ever questioned.

We have no particular requirement from our clients other than their sworn statement that the diploma being made for them is for legitimate use and that no replica that we make for them is to be used to break any law whatsoever.

Having said that, our DL-310 (Level 3 replicas) are as flawless as anyone can make.