Most Canadian degree diplomas are quite hard to make especially due to the fact that they usually have a red embossed star and the difficulty lies in the accuracy of that embossing, which requires special tooling and the making of brass die to make the embossing.

Our recommendation is that you go no lower than a DL-210 (Level-2 Replica) or if budget allows a DL-310 (Level-3 Replica) with the custom detailed embossing

In the case of Canadian transcripts, they are very similar in nature to US transcripts, we suggest at least a DL-210 (Level-2 Replica) if you want to specify your own courses, otherwise, you are ok with a DL-110 (Level 1 Replica) and standard courses.

We have no particular requirement from our clients other than their sworn statement that the diploma being made for them is for legitimate use and that no replica that we make for them is to be used to break any law whatsoever.