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Movie Prop Fake Degrees and Transcripts

There are various lines of replica to try to suit most budgets. The most popular high-end movie prop degree is the DL-310 because it is 100% and is totally undetectable. If budget is a concern, you may consider the DL-210 which is also extremely accurate in the 98% range.

The DL-110 is a very detailed diploma designed to save you money (while keeping the University Seals and logos true and accurate) in order to save money and are very good value for money. They are in the 97% and 95 % respectively.

Being the perfectionists we like everything we do to be 100% if at all possible, which is how the DL-310 ( a Level 3 Replica) came about but you would most likely be perfectly happy with any of our products.


  1. DL-110 Series          95%-97% range accuracy From       £699
  2. DL-210 Series          97%-98% range accuracy From.      £799
  3. DL-310 Series          99%-100% range accuracy From £1,099

Expediting is available if needed and the cost per document is as follows:

  1.   7 Day Expediting   £250 per document
  2.   5 Day Expediting   £350 per document
  3.   2 Day Expediting   £650 per document


Examples of DL-110 Diplomas and Certificates

Examples of DL-210 Diplomas and Certificates

Extra Services Itemized

Overnight UK shipping
  • Overnight
DHL Express (US CA, AU, and Europe)
  •  Usually 3 working days
DHL Express (Remote Region)
  •  Usually 3 to 4 working days
Expediting 7 Day
  • Ships out in 7 full working days.
Expediting 5 Day
  • Ships out in 5 full working days.
Expediting 24 Hour
  • Ships out in 24 full hours M-F.
Oversize diploma
  •  Up to DIN A3.
Aging (per document)
  •  From 2 years to 50 years.
MOD-29 Combo Letters add-on package (15 items)
  • 5 letters of graduation
  • 5 letters of recommendation
  • 5 Student release forms
Digital previews
  •  This is usually included.
General purpose hologram
  •  Included in some packages
Custom hologram
  •  For custom projects
Custom embossed seal
  •  Mainly for use with the DL-310 Series
Custom Seales Envelopes
  •  Up to 3 custom envelopes
Custom Letter
  •  Call for confirmation
Aging (for a document set)
  •  From 2 years to 50 years.