Levels of Replica:

We are about to discontinue some of our lines of replica, but as it stands now, this is what we have:

The MOD-29 (Entry Level Replica) 94%-95% range accuracy, made using special templates designed to lower the cost

The DL-110 (Level-1 Replica) 95%-97% range accuracy, made using special templates designed to lower the cost

The DL-210 (Level-2 Replica) 97%-98% range accuracy Made using a sourced original with simplified detail in the embossing seals in order to lower the cost.

DL-310 (Level 3 Replicas) made using originals to exacting standards. We create detailed tooling and brass dies to create the embossing seals.

University Movie Props:

Degree Diplomas, College Transcripts, Honorary Doctorates, Ph.D. Awards, etc.

Novelty GCE/GCSE Secondary School Movie Props:

Various certificates GCE, GCSE, A Levels, O Levels

USA Novelty High School Diplomas, UK/Irish/Scottish Leaving Certificates, GED, etc.

Military Movie Props:

Royal Air Force certificates, Royal Navy certificates

Trade Certificate Movie Props:

Trade School certificates

Fake Trade Certifications

Original Design Movie Props:

You can commission any work from us and we will design your logos and security paper to your specification

We make diplomas and certificates based on your images.

Museum Reproductions and Restorations:

Reproductions from your own images and scans

Restorations for missing pages, etc, from your detailed images and scans

Document Aging:

We can age any reproduction that we make as a movie prop or a museum restoration to look the exact age that it is supposed to be from so it looks identical to an original document from that time period.