There is a genuine need for any fake diplomas and novelty degree certificates to be realistic otherwise it is no good at all.

This need is very real when you have lost your original and the issuing agency is either defunct or otherwise unable to provide you with a replacement.

The use of a replacement degree (a fake degree certificate or replica degree certificate) is perfectly legitimate so long as it replaces an original that has been destroyed and is backed up by other original documentation issued by the university or college. You should disclose the fact that what you are showing or displaying is a replacement of the lost original.

The replica degree certificate should be flawless in order for it to be any good as a replacement and Making a replica that doesn’t look fake isn’t easy. It takes talented people that we have to pay and expensive equipment that we have to buy, maintain and replace as necessary.

Some members of the general public argue that the cost of a good replica degree is too high for their budget (which is usually based contemplative quotes for the garbage fake degree and fake diplomas that are offered by websites on the Web) and yes, we are probably the most expensive degree replacement service you will find.

Their argument is that “it is just a piece of paper” and it may sound like a lot of money to pay for “just a piece of paper”, but it takes a lot of effort to turn that simple “piece of paper” into a degree diploma that will make you proud to show it to your friends and family instead of ashamed.

In our opinion, a replica that is detectable is totally worthless regardless of how cheap a price you paid. We are not the cheapest, but we are certainly the best. We are really good at what we do.


Fake Diplomas

We make different types of diploma such as college diplomas, we also make other types of certificates ranging from sports awards trade certificates and novelty Royal Air force, novelty Royal Navy, novelty US Coast Guard

We have various levels of replica and we suggest you look at those and decide which level of replica suits you the best.

Fake College Transcripts

Not everybody that needs a degree diploma/certificate requires the accompanying transcript, so we make these separately and only if needed.

We will not try to sell you something that you do not need.

We also have different levels of replica when it comes to the transcript and we can either furnish the courses or modules, or we can have you tell us what you want (Custom Courses).

The Custom Courses option allows you to decide what courses you want on your college transcript and what grades to obtained.


Here we will go into a little more details regarding the transcripts and the levels of replica that you may be considering. We will also consider and illustrate the aging process as it applies to a diploma. We can also age transcripts and the cost is the same as the cost of aging a diploma. This is for up to a 2-page transcript, the cost of aging additional pages would depend on the total of your order and whatever we are able to quote you.

Transcripts generally have security backgrounds with micro-text patterns that are copy resistant, which means that you can tell when one has been copied. This is usually a must for any present-day transcript.

The image you see below shows the detail of the micro-text that goes in some of the transcripts. It can be the name of the university or it can have some other message in the text. Not all universities print their names on the background, however as you can see this transcript does show the name and this is the level of detail you can expect in a high-level replica transcript.

Or you can get a perfect replica bachelor degree Princeton Partners are equipped to tackle your special needs and requirements.

The lower priced replica transcripts come with coded courses that are basically general purpose subjects or electives that can apply to a variety of degree disciplines. They are good for a variety of degrees such as Economics, Business, Management, Teaching, etc. More complex degrees would require the next level of transcript which would be that of a Level 1 or better. The Level 1 and Level 2 transcripts have standardized courses that are tailored to a particular discipline or degree. The grades are already set for these transcripts and this is how we keep the cost down.

If you have a particular list of courses and need to choose your own grades, then the only option is to go with the “Custom Courses” which come as standard with the Level 3 transcript. These transcripts require a great level of interaction and you would have to complete a form that we would provide for you to do so.

In addition, Princeton Partners can research the courses for you if you can not do it yourself. There would be a fee involved, and you would have to email us for a quote.

You can do your own research if you wish to find out what courses pertain to a particular degree. The best way would be to contact the university and ask questions such as you would if you were wanting to enroll in one of their degree courses. You could do this yourself instead of paying us to do it.

This is a typical US transcript micro-text background. Technically speaking, Princeton Partners can do… absolutely anything for lawful purposes. If you look carefully, you will also see the fain mark made by the embossing seal.

We can certainly help you with your self-esteem replicas!

Microtext Detail copyWe offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet, or in fact, anywhere else! We can make you a perfect replica Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. This is the right page!

The image below shows the corresponding aged diploma for the same university as the transcript shown above

There is a very big difference between an aged document and one that is fresh from the press. The older document always looks more genuine due to the apparent passage of time. Time heals all.

Fake Diploma Detail After Aging Process
Fake Diploma Detail After Aging Process

Technically speaking, Princeton Partners can do absolutely anything for lawful purposes, which give us a lot of flexibility when to comes to making a good replica diploma or a replica of an old lost or destroyed document.

What you see below is the same diploma shown above, while we were in the process of aging it about 20 years in a harsh environment as requested by the client. The photo below shows 2 years of aging.

Fake Diploma Detail Before Aging Process
Fake Diploma Detail Before Aging Process

We offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet, or in fact, anywhere else! We can make you a perfect replica Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. 

Below is an image of an embossed seal as used in many degree diplomas and transcripts. Almost all degree diplomas have an embossed seal of some kind, and consequently, most of our replicas exhibit such regal looking symbols of authenticity.

Letter Seal copy Embossed Seal Detail (Fake Diplomas)
Embossed Seal Detail (Fake Diplomas)

We offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet, on anywhere else for that matter. We are the right company to help you with your project.

Typically transcripts that don’t have a hologram will have either an embossed seal or a rubber stamp. Some of the older transcripts would have both a rubber stamp and sometimes an embossed seal, but holograms didn’t really exist in this arena till well after 1995, so anything older showing a hologram would instantly arouse suspicion.

Princeton Partners offer more quality and flexibility than anyone on the general market, the Internet. Our self-esteem credentials are very accurate and second to none. They really look the part.

You may certainly find cheaper “fake degrees and fake transcripts” on the web but you will be losing out if you don’t have us make you a fine replica instead of a cheap fake. We at Princeton Partners are the best at what we do.

Princeton Partners have access to thousands of documents that can be customized to your needs. You can get whatever you need from us so long as it is not destined to be used to break the law of any country.

We can confidently say that you have probably never seen anything like this before in your life. You will be left speechless when you see the level of our best work! You will very pleased.

One more thing, you save money when you order a degree and transcript package. We also have full document packages, where you get letters to support your illusion of having been to college. You can show these to your friends if they doubt your word.

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